Whisky Galore And The Maggie

Author: Colin McArthur
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860646331
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Colin McArthur covers two films, both made by Alexander Mackendrick. Whisky Galore! appeared in 1949 in postwar "austerity Britain", and The Maggie in 1953 when Britain was emerging into relative affluence.


Author: David Martin-Jones
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748686541
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In Scotch Reels, Colin McArthur examined two comedies set in Scotland, Whisky
Galore! and The Maggie. These are films in which small Scottish communities
triumph over the interests of larger, potentially intrusive powers, such as the
bureaucratic British government in Whisky Galore! and (US) capitalism in The
Maggie. These communities outwit representatives of these outside forces
through their cunning, wily, folksy ways. McArthur discusses these films in terms
of their reiteration ...

Lethal Innocence

Author: Philip Kemp
Publisher: Heinemann
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Perhaps Whisky Galore's closest comic descendant to date is Bill Forsyth's 1983
Local Hero, which shares not only the West Scottish setting, but something of the
earlier film's blend of irony, truculence and affectionately observed detail. Its plot
also seems to derive from both Whisky Galore and The Maggie - in the latter case
, according to Forsyth, purely by coincidence. 'I didn't see The Maggie till . . . after
we had finished filming Local Hero. I got a bit of a fright. . . . But afterwards I felt ...

British Comedy Cinema

Author: I.Q. Hunter
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136508376
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For Jeffrey Richards, given the studio's declared political sympathies, it is
arguable that the early period of Ealing comedies (1947–51) 'constitute a
programmatic attack on the evils that Labour wished to eradicate: entrenched
aristocratic privilege (Kind Hearts and Coronets), the power of money (The
Lavender Hill Mob), monopoly capitalism (The Man in the White Suit) and
colonialism (Whisky Galore)' (Richards 1997: 135). The later phase of films,
coincident with the Conservative ...

Scottish Studies Review

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Recent trends in Scottish film criticism, or, What do Edward 1, Gene Kelly, Calvin
B. Marshall, Captain Paul Waggett and Colin McArthur all have in common?
Brigadoon, Braveheart and the Scots: Distortions of Scotland in Hollywood
Cinema. By Colin McArthur. London: l.B. Tauris, 2003. ISBN: 1 86064 927 0. £
29.95 hbk; Whisky Galore! 8: The Maggie. By Colin McArthur. London: l.B. Tauris,
2003. ISBN: 1 86064 633 6. £12.95 pbk. This review begins by renarrating an
archetypal story.

From Tartan To Tartanry

Author: Ian Brown
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748664653
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The tartan kilts function as unambiguous signifiers of Scottishness, tartan is a
global brand that Dewar's are looking to capitalise on in the development of their
global market and the production of tartan images of Scotland by American film
companies will preoccupy critics in later years. The utopian sensibility the scene
conveys through the energy of the dancing and the men's laughter foreshadows
films such as Ealing's Whisky Galore (1948) and The Maggie (1953), and Bill
Forsyth's ...


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By pairing the analysis of Whiskey Galore! and The Maggie in one book,
McArthur is able to discuss some of the relative strengths and weaknesses of
each fihn versus the original novel (in the case of Whiskey Galore!) or script (in
the case of The Maggie), as well as to compare the use of various film techniques
employed by Mackendrick to great effect, such as the montage sequences in
Whiskey Galore! and the depiction of Marshall's downfall in The Maggie.
McArthur extends his ...


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Whisky Galore! & The Maggie WHISKY GALORE! & THE MAGGIE Colin McArthur
l.B.Taurus, £ , lOOpp.pbk. I I b&w illust A i 9 T I) H Alexander Mackendrick's first
feature Whisky Galore! was based on the novel by Compton Mackenzie about the
real sinking of the 'SS Politician', pits the crafty Scottish islanders against the
Excise men trying to recover the lost cargo of whisky. His later film The Maggie
describes the adventures of a decrepit River Clyde cargo boat (a la Para Handy).

Sight And Sound

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In It Always Rains on Sunday Hamer combines lyricism with realist family drama
and elicits a memorable performance from Googie Withers as the East End
housewife who's reunited with an escaped prisoner who was once her boyfriend.
It's reported that Whisky Galore! wis a mess until an uncredited Charles Crichton
helped save it at the editing stage, but the finished product is a sprightly and very
likeable comedy. In tug boat yam TTie Maggie Mackendrick and his US
screenwriter ...

Screening Scotland

Author: Duncan J. Petrie
Publisher: British Film Inst
ISBN: 9780851707846
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Despite the occasional lapses into sentimentality, particularly in some of the
speeches given by young Dougie the cabin boy, The Maggie retains some of the
anarchic charm of Whisky Galore!, particularly in MacTaggart's stubborn
opposition to Marshall's demands. McArthur berates the film for the wilful
perversity it demonstrates in allowing MacTaggart to triumph: 'In true Kailyard
style, what is not achievable at the level of political struggle is attainable in the
delirious Scots imagination ...