Tobacco Through The Smoke Screen

Author: Zachary Chastain
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1422293068
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First European Smoker Jerez and Torres were Spanish explorers in Cuba, and
are usually credited as the first Europeans to document tobacco smoking. In their
journals, Jerez and Torres recount Natives wrapping tobacco in other plant
leaves, making what looked to Jerez like “a musket formed of paper.” The journal
goes on to tell how one end was lit and the smoke “drank” through the other end.
Jerez and Torres did not understand completely, but Jerez was sufficiently
intrigued, ...

Through The Smoke

Author: Brenda Novak
ISBN: 9781477808764
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The Earl of Druridge wanted only for an heir.

Smoke Dreams

Author: Michael D. Chavez
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496986083
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Sitting at the campfire and burning pages from a diary given to him by an aged Chinese traveler, a story of their travels appears before him in the depths of a golden and yellow fire.

Doctor Who Devil In The Smoke

Author: Justin Richards
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448141478
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He was flung sideways, lungs choking on the pungent smoke. Strax too was
knocked forwards and crashed head first into the substantial trunk of an ancient
oak tree. With a bellow of triumph from its mighty mouth, the smoke plunged
towards Harry. He landed on his back, staring up at a massive grey face, a
grotesque parody of his friend Jim, bearing down on him. About to devour his
very being. Above that, vague and insubstantial through the smoke, he saw the
top of the tree shiver ...

The Smoke Ring An Orbital Route Around London

Author: Vince Major
Publisher: Paragon Publishing
ISBN: 1782221824
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47.76 total miles (76.86km) 22.47 off road miles (36.15km) 2,610ft elevation gain
(796m) an easy ride along the cycle path through ditton Park leads you towards
historical eton with its famous college. Then cross the Thames in the shadow of
windsor Castle and on to an easy cruise through the scenic windsor great Park.
Ride through North ascot and skirt the edge of Bracknell Forest which leads to
the purpose built mtb trails at Swinley Forest. Pick up the trailhead at 'The
Lookout ...

Light Transmitting And Light Scattering Properties Of Smoke

Author: Gene L. Wampfler
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ammonium chloride, it was then analyzed with a Duboscq colorimeter, and the
amount of ammonium chloride was reported to the hundredth of a milligram.
Dividing the weight of ammonium chloride collected by the volume of air passing
through the chamber gave the concentration of smoke in grams per liter. Data for
the two types of light used in this experiment are shown in table 1 and figure 3.
Results and Discussion. — Meaningful results could not be obtained when
optical density ...

From The Iron Horses Mouth

Author: Patrick H. Stakem
Publisher: Pat Stakem
ISBN: 0972596623
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By this draft small pieces of coal and cinder are carried from the furnace through
the tubes of the boiler into the lower part of the chimney commonly called the "
smoke-box," where they tend to accu nmlate and obstruct the draft of the lower
flues, and the combustion which they frequently undergo injures, by the heat
evolved, the steam-pipes, exhaust-pipes, and other adjacent parts of the engine.
It is a desideratum, therefore, to remove them, and no means have been found so
effective ...