This Naked Mind

Author: Annie Grace
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0996715010
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With Annie’s own extraordinary and candid personal story at its heart, this book is a must-read for anyone who drinks. This Naked Mind will give you freedom from alcohol.

Medical Journal Of Australia

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issue is that relatively small doses of alcohol, such as are taken by the great
majority of users on the great majority of occasions, ... It is thus an extremely
attractive drug tor neurotic and schizoid people, who feel that through its use they
may find the answer to ... Truly it is a paradox indeed that such a neurotic retreat
should be regarded as “mind-expanding. ... and his continuing conflicts about
dominance and submission, about freedom and control, cause him to take what
can only be ...

Words On Cassette

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Beware, Control Your Dream. ... Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt
. ... Choices A alternatives for the alcohol problems in our society are discussed
with various anonymous interviewees. ... Word Bks. Is it possible to live with the
scars of a hurtful past A still find reasons to thank God for the experience? ...
Beyond Body, Mind. Arpita ... Creativity A freedom come when we break the
bonds of dependence A allow ourselves to stand as whole human beings without
the need of ...

The Cross And The Flag

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I am extremely baffled by people who consider peaceful co-existanee more
important than freedom. ... What shall it profit the human race to control the
material universe, if in the process it reduces human persons to the level of ... The
masses now seek satisfaction in such false idols as Sports, Sex, and Alcohol. But
as they fail in all this to find true peace of mind, they will eventually land in
nihilism. ... Compare the war novel of Barbusse Le Feu with Mailer's The Naked
and the Dead.

Congressional Record

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Statists throughout history have never learned that compulsion and reason are
contradictory, that a forced mind cannot think effectively and, by extension, that a
regimented profession will eventually choke and stagnate from its own lack of
freedom. ... They will find it very diflicult to legislate selfesteem, integrity and
competence into the doctors whose minds and ... state to resistance against
coercise professional regulation was a classic example of the naked force that
lies behind every ...

Gandalf S Garden

Author: Muz Murray
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Leah Faesi, his first consecrated Scarlet Woman, sat about the Abbey naked for
days on end in an exalted trance state, ... a subtle influence over its innocent
wearer, opening inner doors to eventual possession and control by dark forces. ...
mind, and m.ide myself a morality more severe than any other in the world, if only
by the virtue of its absolute freedom ... eleven whole gTains of heroin daily,
together with doses of cocaine, smoking opium the while and drinking alcohol on
top of it.

The Churchman

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And now, from pulpits all over our land, urgent voices are ringing out in challenge
to us, the people, to see to it that the conference on which the ... control through
our representatives—the power to decide questions of world-wide concern. ... it
will remain for us to organize it in order to secure for ourselves and our children
the blessings of peace, prosperity, and freedom. ... This covering of the brain
weeps from the alcoholic irritation, just as the nose weeps in the presence of

North American Symposium On Drugs And Drug Abuse

Author: William White
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This potentiality is a fundamental expression of human freedom. ... regarded as a
crime or (mental) disease, justifying or warranting the use of the police powers of
the state for its control. ... belts, razor blades, eating utensils, and so forth—until
the “patient” lies naked on a mattress in a padded cell—lest he kill himself. ... and
that we find acceptable, with respect to other chemical agents and physical
artifacts that abound in our complex ... Actually, opium is much less toxic than

The Youth S Companion

Author: Nathaniel Willis
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Moseley, the eminent English naturalist, it was found that a single plant would
soon destroy a large family of fishes. ... and representatives, the national
Representatives, the pick of the people, have not trusted themselves to the
control of a ... There are story-writers the tendency of whose books is unhealthy,
and even dangerous, in their influence upon the young mind. .... The old firelock
which Selkirk had during his exile, as well as his drinking-cup and chest, is still in
existence in ...

Annual Editions

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"If ingesting alcohol is a Constitutional right, is ingesting opium, or heroin, or
barbiturates, or anything else, not such a ... This potentiality is a fundamental
expression of human freedom. ... regarded as a crime or (mental) disease,
justifying or warranting the use of the police powers of the state for its control. ...
and so forth — until the "patient" lies naked on a mattress in a padded cell — lest
he kill himself.