The First Black Boxing Champions

Author: Colleen Aycock
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786449918
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"Biographies: from Tom Molineaux, a slave who won freedom and fame in the ring in the early 1800s; to Joe Gans, the first African American world champion; to the flamboyant Jack Johnson (film of his defeat of former champion and "Great ...

Joe Gans

Author: Colleen Aycock
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786493364
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Joe Gans captured the world lightweight title in 1902, becoming the first black American world title holder in any sport.

Boxing In America An Autopsy

Author: David L. Hudson Jr.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313379734
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Bill Calogero, “Tom Molineaux: From Slave to American Heavyweight Champion,
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George Dixon, Little Chocolate . . . A Fighter Without a Flaw,” Cox's Corner
Profiles, ...

Jack Johnson

Author: Jack Johnson
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1787204782
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First published in 1927, Jack Johnson’s autobiography, Jack Johnson: In the Ring and Out, remains the key source for information about his life.

Black Firsts

Author: Jessie Carney Smith
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
ISBN: 1578594251
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1901 • Joe Walcott (1873-1935), the first black welterweight champion, defeated
Rube Ferns and won the title at Fort Erie, Ontario, on December 18. He won the
New England lightweight and middleweight wrestling titles in the same night. He
also was ranked as the number one all-time welterweight. In 1955 Walcott was
elected to the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame and in 1991 to the International Boxing
Hall of Fame. Born in Barbados, West Indies, Walcott was sometimes known as
the ...

Black Salt

Author: Ray Costello
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1781388946
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Cobley notes that several black boxing champions in Britain during the
nineteenth century had perhaps been forced to learn how to defend themselves
aboard ship.25 Examples of boxers who began their career as seafarers include
Tom Molineaux (1784–1821), Sam ... Molineaux was later trained by Bill
Richmond (1763–1829), the first black boxer to gain international recognition,
and came close to being the heavyweight champion of England, only to be
robbed of the title by a trick.


Author: Steven Laffoley
ISBN: 9781897426449
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George Dixon was the finest boxer of his generation and arguably among the finest boxers ever.

Freedom Facts And Firsts

Author: Jessie Carney Smith
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
ISBN: 1578592607
Size: 22.51 MB
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Molineaux came under the tutelage of boxer Bill Richmond, who also conducted
a boxing academy. After winning several bouts—and labeled an “unknown”
because Londoners did not want it known that their fighters lost to a black—in
1810 he took on Tom Cribb, a recently retired champion. According to Ocania
Chalk in Pioneers ofBlack Sport, Molineaux actually won the fight but was “bilked
out of his rightful victory.” He waited to be dubbed the first black American to
become boxing ...

Knocking Down Barriers

Author: Truman K. Gibson, Jr.
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 0810122928
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Though not yet the world champion, Joe already was famous in the black
community because his powerful punching portended great things. It is not too
much to say that in an era when black opportunities in professional sports
continued to be virtually nonexistent outside of segregated venues, Joe inspired
tremendous hope for a black breakthrough into the white-dominated world. He
would not be the first black heavyweight champion. JackJohnson battled his way
to that distinction in ...

Why Africa

Author: Bona Udeze
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469102188
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SAMUEL “The Nigerian Nightmare” PETER: The African continent tested its first
title in the heavyweight boxing championship by way of the Nigerian Nightmare,
Samuel Peter. He is considered by many as one of the strongest punchers in the
heavyweight ... He endured and absorbed all manners of ridicule and insults
meted to him by the white establishment, to become the first black heavyweight
champion. Johnson has been ranked as one ofthe greatest according to Cyber
Boxing ...