The Caledonian Gambit

Author: Dan Moren
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1940456851
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Sounds like a desperate plan, sure, but what gambit isn’t? The Caledonian Gambit is a throwback to the classic sci-fi adventures of spies and off-world politics, but filled to the brim with modern sensibilities.


Author: Russell Whitfield
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781429967013
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The move caught the Caledonian off guard, but even so, she was fast enough to
bring her shield down to protect her exposed stomach. Too late she realised
Lysandra's gambit. Lysandra, crouching before her enemy, stabbed downwards
with her sword, the blade cutting cleanly through the top of Albina's foot, shearing
through bone and gristle, to pin the screaming gladiatrix to the sand. Lysandra
heard the dull thud as Albina cast her weapon aside, trying with both hand to
dislodge ...


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Benko Gambit Pinter White Brito Black Brito transposed into an inferior type of
Benko Gambit and Pinter was able to carry out the classic break P— K5 and
control the ... Two matches were held in each of three cities, Peking, Shanghai,
and Canton, so that every player on one team met every opponent once Five
more rounds were played against fellow-countrymen to complete an all-play-all
tournament The trip was jointly sponsored by B T. Batsford and British
Caledonian Airways.

Town House

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Far too sane to imagine he could put a friendly hand on this thin stranger's
shoulder with a “Tell me what your trouble is”—David Calcott watched him. There
were many men on the Embankment eager to hear this opening gambit, but they
seldom were the desperate cases. The Embankment resembles the Caledonian
Market: experience is needed, and a keen eye. But it was a simple enough matter
to lean over the parapet a few feet away from the young man staring so gloomily
at the ...


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The reason was that many of them had been fleeced at some time or another (not
of course, it was stressed, at the Caledonian) and this had made them far more "
choosey" and careful. Furthermore, many ... One such gambit was effectively
ruined by a Bermondsey bystander's sarcasm. "Why," he whined ... One dealer
proudly announces that he has not missed a market since 191 8 and many of the
stall-holders in the New Caledonian kept stalls at the original market. Some of the
old ...

No Land Is An Island

Author: Benjamin F. Bobo
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individual rights and government control of land use Benjamin F. Bobo, Institute
for Contemporary Studies. 32. Cf. Editorials in the Caledonian Record (St.
Johnsbury, Vt.), Nov. 18 and Dec. 20, 1974; Herald (Rutland Vl), Dec. 11, 1973.
33. Free Press (Burlington, Vt), Feb. 16, 1973. 34. Following several occurrence8
of this gambit, the Landowners Steering Committee began to refer to Gov.
Salmon as "the governor with the name of a fish." 35. No. 85, (1973) Vt. Acts 36.
Herald (Rutland ...

The Illustrated London News

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A musical and dramatic entertainment is to be given to-day at St. George's Hall,
under the patronage of the Marchioness of Lorne and others, in aid of the
CLUB. The following well-fought Game occurred in the Tourney, at the St.
George's Chess Club, between Professor WAYTE and Dr. Ballard.—(Scotch
Gambit.) white (Prof.W.) BALCR (Dr. B.) white (Prof.W.) Black (Dr. B.) 1. P to K 4th
P to K 4th Black has ...

Merlin S Gift

Author: Ian McDowell
Publisher: GuildAmerica Books
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Now I must journey to the Caledonian wildwood, there to tell Merlin that he was
right, and that he may now come in triumph to Camelot." Cadog ran a gnarled
hand through his beard, somehow avoiding getting it stuck in those filthy tangles.
... For now, your gambit has succeeded, and it seems as though these fools must
languish in their darkness while I accompany you to Camelot." Turning his
glittering eyes upon the cowed warriors, he shook his finger at them like a
schoolmaster ...

An Economic History Of Modern Scotland 1660 1976

Author: Bruce Lenman
Publisher: B.T. Batsford
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Legal objections to the latter gambit helped to give the North British control of the
line by 1914. However, it can be convincingly argued that wherever ... Rolling-
stock iron (and in 1890 the Caledonian alone owned 63,000 waggons and
reckoned a further 33,000 traders' waggons used its system) experienced a
similar rise in demand from an annual average of 6,000 tons in the 1850s to
nearly 33,000 tons by the 1890s. Yet it can easily be shown that the bulk of iron
rails used in ...