Space Team

Author: Barry J. Hutchison
ISBN: 9780995623309
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When a small-time conman is abducted and whisked across the galaxy, he finds himself hurled into a frantic battle to save an alien civilization and its god from extinction.

Space Warriors The Army Space Support Team

Publisher: Government Printing Office
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Nevertheless, a number of additional operational factors shaped the manner in
which the contingency deployment capability was established, to include the
USSPACECOM directive that resulted in the renaming of COPS as the Army
Space Support Team (ARSST). The Army Audit Agency Review Of 1994 The
Army Audit Agency was conducting an analysis of space support operations at
the same time that the senior Army leadership was assessing the merits of the
CSP Contingency ...

Human Factors In Project Management

Author: Zachary Wong
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118047575
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The dynamics of a project is determined by the project's strategies, work plan,
team processes, team behaviors,and individual human factors. These
components are integrated,but they operate at three different planes or spaces.
Space refers to a conceptual boundary of human interaction. First, the interaction
of people and systems occurs in a broad organizational space. Second, people's
interactions with each other occur within a smaller space,referred to as team
space. Finally ...

Lead Your Team To Win

Author: Maxine Attong
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 1632990105
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They named and explained what happened when any of our five senses was
engaged. We believed that fire was hot and later we experienced what hot meant
. This is generally how we learn, through a process of observation,
experimentation, and teachings from those who came before us. When I declared
, “This is your safe space,” I explained to the team that we could say what we
thought and how we felt in the space. We could also leave the strains of our
personal life in the space ...

Space Enterprise

Author: Phillip Harris
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387776408
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Not only is a psychological support team provided on the ground, but behavioral
scientists may visit the station. ESA and NASA astronauts who go aboard for long
missions should bene®t from similar preparation, and such an approach could
be adapted for those assigned to the International Space Station. In summary, the
aim is to develop a space team worker who is more concerned with
crewmembers as a whole than his or her own ego needs. Such a spacefarer
would be capable ...

The First Soviet Cosmonaut Team

Author: Colin Burgess
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 038784824X
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The interesting thing about growing up in the ®rst few years of human space
̄ight was the absolute competitiveness of the Space Race. NASA would openly
announce its plans for each successive mission, but there were only ever very
broad hints leading up to each Soviet space spectacular. While I empathized with
the Americas, there was always a certain thrill in walking by a news stand and
seeing a banner headline about a Russian walking in space, three cosmonauts
aboard a ...

Confined Space Rescue

Author: Chase Sargent
Publisher: PennWell Books
ISBN: 9780912212883
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By identifying its inherent weaknesses, a team can compensate, adapt, and
reinvent itself to best meet the requirements of the most unexpected call. No
matter how good your team and the individuals assigned to it, those members are
still only human beings. Few personnel on a special team will be expected to
perform only confined-space operations. Even if they are, the skills required to
mount such operations are multidisciplinary in scope and can be applied to other

Holy Places

Author: Nancy DeMott
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1566995477
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Our unique discern, decide, and do model, coupled with a sacred space team,
assumes no particular level of prior knowledge about building issues to be
successful. The book is intended to help you develop your sacred space team,
create a reflective approach to your work, enable you to learn from one another,
and make space for discerning God's direction for your congregation. It is
effective because the model begins with congregations where they are and helps
them move to their ...