A Train In Winter

Author: Caroline Moorehead
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448156785
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He followed him and watched as he stopped to talk to a thicltset man in his
thirties, with a bony face and a large ... curling at the ends'; she was wearing a '
Prussian blue coat1 with a black belt and light grey woollen stockings, sans e'


Author: Rose Tremain
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407087452
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Poor Robin agreed and we returned to the house, where I ordered some cool
white wine to be brought from my cellar to the Morning Room. ... Then he darted
out and returned a few seconds later, carrying in his arms a large cylindrical
object covered in a pretty embroidered cloth, which he laid ... Before me stood a
birdcage of great delicacy, painted a deep Prussian blue and gilded with gold
leaf. Inside it ...

An Act Of Terror

Author: André Brink
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448113296
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... on the waves; still further back are trawlers, where the cold Atlantic deepens
from turquoise to ultramarine and prussian blue. ... In the bleak hotel lounge with
unmatched chairs from country auctions, cheap landscape prints on the walls, ...
Cockroaches scuttling from cracks and peeling wallpaper; a smell of dust and old
feet; on the brown carpet a large dark ... In Henry Bungane's house, at the close
of the day in which he has come home from the Island, the children on his lap, the

Moltke On The Art Of War

Author: Daniel Hughes
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0307538516
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This volume, in addition to its appeal to scholars, serves as an introduction to the theory of the German army, as well as a summary of Moltke’s enduring theoretical legacy.


Author: Eva-Marie Liffner
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448156750
Size: 31.87 MB
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What I do have is a large oldfashioned wardrobe that I've fitted with shelves and a
ladder with wide polished steps, and I ... from this or that, momentary inspirations
– all sorted by subject and stored in wine boxes discarded by The Blue Grape. ...
waves are being whipped into spray by a wind that makes it impossible even to
imagine Prussian landingcraft coming in ... And all this uncertainty, this sense of
the random and the haphazard and these gaps in knowledge, often gives rise to

Scientific American

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The SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Export Edition is a large and splendid periodical,
issued once a month. ... Commercial, trade, and manufacturing announcements
of leading houses. ... Assays of specimen with the vicissitudes of the numerous
concerns which were of galena, collected at random from numerous ore heaps 1
started to ... 371 | Prussian blue [7]. ... Direct Prints on Opal Glass-A New

Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Also: documents, tellers, autographs, posters, prints, any memorabilia relating to
lin; I .S. Miirine Corps. ... Famous Inventors and Their Inventions (New York:
Random House, 1955) was a short history of inventing through the ... The
Kriegspiel, or wargame, developed in 1824 by von Reisswitz, was widely used in
training Prussian officers. ... An extensive circle of war gamers gathered at Pratt's
large New York apartment (which included a room devoted to the raising of

Professional Painted Finishes

Author: Ina Brosseau Marx
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
Size: 69.78 MB
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Base Coat Black japan paint or flat alkyd interior house paint Media 1. dark green
paint: 5 parts Prussian green ... 1 part raw sienna gouache, V* pan black
gouache (or 7 parts Prussian blue gouache, 4 parts raw sienna gouache, V* part
black ... Prior to Painting Tear cotton-roll paper into small to large breccia-shaped
chunks (see \krde Issorie, pages 124-26). ... Load a water- wet-wrung-out sponge
with the dark and medium green paints and print a rather open texture similar to
that of ...