Author: Jaime Joyce
ISBN: 0760345848
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In the United States, it’s typically corn that’s used to make the clear, unaged beverage, and it’s the mountain people of the American South who are most closely associated with the image of making and selling backwoods booze at ...

From Moonshine To Madison Avenue

Author: Mark D. Howell
Publisher: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879727406
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(53) The portrayal of Winston Cup participants as moonshine-swilling rednecks
also bothered many in the NASCAR community. Dale Earnhardt, who refused to
discuss the film following its release, was "annoyed . . . about the scene of a ...

Kentucky Moonshine

Author: David W. Maurer
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813143543
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David W. Maurer. KENTUCKY MOONSHINE Kentucky Moonshine DAVID W.
MAURER with the assistance of Quinn KENTUCKY MOONSHINE.

More Than Moonshine

Author: Sidney Saylor Farr
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
ISBN: 082297133X
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Father made moonshine whiskey to sell after World War II. Mother, being a
devout Christian, never approved of what he did, but she put herself on the lineto
keep him from getting caught. Father was away from home for a few days and
Mother ...

Moonshine Of Finite Groups

Author: Koichiro Harada
Publisher: European Mathematical Society
ISBN: 9783037190906
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Koichiro Harada. Koichiro Harada "Moonshine" of Finite Groups |WB<""=£ 7VJOT
5G4X-5ZK-7Vmi European ^vtathematieal Society Author: Prof. em. Koichiro
Harada Department of Mathematics The Ohio.

All My Moonshine

Author: Gwen Ellis
Publisher: Intellect Books
ISBN: 9781841508719
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MOONSHINE. GWEN. ELLIS. There's no doubt that local dialects are on the
decline. Many young people today never hear of them. Through her poems,
Gwen Ellis aims to revive an interest in them. Her poems are written in such a
way that the ...


Author: Ethelinda Margaretta Thorpe Potts
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... they triumph over the unsuspecting fish, whom they have decoyed by an
insidious pretence of feeding, and drag him from his native element by a hook,
fixed to, and Of man, is baffled by our mother, Who seems to K2 MOONSHINE,
179 * So ...


Author: Kevin R. Kosar
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1780237901
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In this book, Kevin R. Kosar tells the colorful and, at times, blinding history of moonshine, a history that’s always been about the people: from crusading lawmen and clever tinkerers to sly smugglers and ruthless gangsters, from ...


Author: G.D. Penman
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
ISBN: 1634866363
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But when the cadaver shows signs of something more sinister afoot, Vergil is forced to make a deal with the devil and work with the leader of the local bootleggers, Jimmy Hogan, to track down the killers.