Mineral Scales And Deposits

Author: Zahid Amjad
Publisher: Elsevier
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Mineral Scales and Deposits: Scientific and Technological Approaches presents, in an integrated way, the problem of scale deposits (precipitation/crystallization of sparingly-soluble salts) in aqueous systems, both industrial and biological ...

Mineral Scales In Biological And Industrial Systems

Author: Zahid Amjad
Publisher: CRC Press
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The information collected through deposit characterization has enabled the
academic researchers and industrial technologists to develop new scale
inhibitors, dispersants, and membrane cleaners. This chapter addresses the use
of several analytical techniques to characterize the type, crystalline structure, and
composition of mineral scales and deposits. In addition, these techniques can
also be used to identify the cause(s) of heat exchanger and membrane failures in
the industrial ...

The Science And Technology Of Industrial Water Treatment

Author: Zahid Amjad
Publisher: CRC Press
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Membrane manufacturers, service companies, and chemical supply companies
often offer supporting water analysis. Environmental laboratories also perform
water analyses. The typical cost to perform an individual water analysis varies
from $250 to $400 per sample. This is a minor cost to ensure the proper
operation of the industrial water system [5]. 1.6 MINERAL SCALES AND
DEPOSITS Foulants commonly encountered in industrial water systems are of
two types: Mineral scales, ...

Shreir S Corrosion

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salts because scale forms gradually and deposits the different minerals in a
variety of forms. Depending upon the specific boiler plant/cooling system/HVAC/
potable waterside environment, mineral scales can develop on heat transfer
surfaces in crystalline form (which is usually hard and tenacious) or in
noncrystalline or amorphous form, which often is sludge-like and removable by
high-pressure water jetting or similar cleaning process. Often, problems of
scaling and deposits are ...

Water Soluble Polymers

Author: Zahid Amjad
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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The inhibitory efficiency of polymeric inhibitors against the precipitation of
common mineral scales in industrial processes could be described quantitatively
using a semiempirical model based on nucleation theory and laboratory
experimental observations. The minimum effective inhibitor ... INTRODUCTION.
Formation of mineral scale deposits on equipment and pipe surfaces is a
common industrial problem where water is either used or produced. Deposits
occur in a wide range of ...

Managing Water Well Deterioration

Author: Robert McLaughlan
Publisher: CRC Press
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Fouling can occur due to the formation of particulate, mineral scale or biofouling
deposits. Corrosive forces operating on groundwater wells can involve both
erosion and electrochemical reactions, with both plastics and metals that are
commonly used in well construction affected. 1.1 Fouling It is now widely
recognised that microbes exist in most if not all groundwater environments. Many
water supply wells are located in shallow groundwater systems where there are
potentially very ...


Author: United States. Office of Saline Water
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The success of flash distillation arises from inherent mechanical simplicity of
design and comparatively high resistance of equipment to scale formation. This is
due, in part, to the separation of evaporating and heating functions in this type of
plant. One of the most important economic obstacles to low cost distilled water is
the accumulation of mineral scale. Scale deposits can have two important effects
in an evaporation apparatus. First, scale on heat transfer surfaces offers a
resistance ...

The Geophysical Expression Of Selected Mineral Deposit Models

Author: D. B. Hoover
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
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Knowledge of the physical properties of various rock types and minerals is a
prerequisite to successful interpretation using geophysical techniques. A wide
variety of valuable information may be acquired by the selection and application
of the appropriate geophysical techniques, along with an understanding of the
regional and deposit-scale geophysical characteristics of mineral deposits. The
application of geophysics begins at the reconnaissance stage or regional scale,
where ...

Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits

Author: Franco Pirajno
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Ore deposit modelling is a cheap and highly effective tool for mineral exploration
and resource assessment, and its flexibility allows for new evidence to be rapidly
evaluated and the exploration philosophy and methodology changed accordingly
. High cost techniques for a detailed economic evaluation of the deposit should
follow only if a model has been tested and proved correct, even if only on a
regional or broad scale. A first target selection can be rapidly obtained by using
remote ...