John Frith Scholar And Martyr

Author: Brian Raynor
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He had a clear logical mathematical mind, was highly respected and influenced many. Yet, in 1553, at the age of 30, he was burnt at the stake for writing books supporting doctrines of Reformation. This work discusses his life.

Luther In English

Author: Michael S. Whiting
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On the life of John Frith, see Daniell,“Frith,” ODNB 21:42–43. The most recent
monograph by B. Raynor adapts material from the unpublished manuscript of the
late Frank Clark who was working on a second expanded account of Frith before
he died in 1994. See Raynor, John Frith, Scholar and Martyr, 17. See also Clark,
John Frith: Kentish Martyr. The most authoritative treatment is still Wright, Work of
John Frith, 1–80. Other accounts include: Marcus Loane,Pioneers, 1–46; Clebsch
, ...

The Life And Writings Of John Frith 1503 1533

Author: David C. Hard
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London: The Bibliographical Society, 1926. Raynor, Brian. John Frith: Scholar
and Martyr. Sevenoaks: Hawthorns Publications, 2000. Reardon, Bernard M.
Religious Thought in the Reformation. New York: Longman, 1981. Rex, Richard.
"How to Steal a Martyr." Queens' College Record. 2000. At http://www.queens. Rubin, Miri. Corpus Christi:
The Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Patrick Hamilton The First Preacher And Martyr Of The Scottish Reformation

Author: Peter Lorimer
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The two young reformers were men of kindred spirit and pursuits, both of them
sufferers and exiles for the truth, both distinguished scholars and lovers of the
new learning, and both devoted to the noble but perilous mission of enlightening
the darkness of their native kingdoms. Fox's beautiful description of John Frith
would be equally appropriate to the Scottish reformer: ' So learned and excellent
a young man, who had so profited in all kind of learning and knowledge that
there was ...


Author: Emma Marshall
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There is nothing more beautiful in the life of this man, who is as the central figure
in the picture of those times which I have tried to draw, than the lovely harmony
here presented between the teaching and the practice of the scholar and martyr.
... John Frith, the gentle scholar, firm in the faith, whose name appeared on the
roll of those whom Wolsey had summoned to his new College of Christ Church at
Oxford, for the building up of the learning of the new foundation, was Tyndale's ...

Shakespeare S Tribe

Author: Jeffrey Knapp
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While expressions of religious purpose were far more prevalent in Renaissance
drama than scholars have previously supposed, it generally takes some strain to
uncover ... Addressing one of the first English Protestant martyrs, John Frith,
shortly before Frith 's death, the Erasmian William Tyndale counseled his friend
never to stand his ground on religious issues, whenever possible: even "if you be
sure that your part be good, and another hold the contrary," Tyndale maintained, "
yet if it ...

Lives Of The English Martyrs

Author: Bède Camm
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He was a zealous adherent of the ancient faith, and wrote a letter" against the
heresies of John Frith, which was published by W. Rastall, and is dated from
Ashare [? Esher], the 1st of August, 1534. The title was “A letter of a young
gentleman named Master German Gardiner, wherein men may see the
demeanour and heresy of John Frith, late burned ; and also the disputations and
reasonings upon the same, between the same German Gardiner and him.” The
following extract tells us ...

Lives Of The English Martyrs Declared Blessed By Pope Leo Xiii In 1886 And 1895

Author: Bede Camm
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The condemnation followed after the usual manner, but the Blessed John Larke
consummated his martyrdom at Tyburn on the 7th of March, 1544-5, in company
with the Blessed German Gardiner and the Venerable John Ireland. //. ... He was
a zealous adherent of the ancient faith, and wrote a letter l against the heresies of
John Frith, which was published by W. Rastall, and is dated from Ashare [? Esher
], the 1st of August, 1534. ... Ye have heard how John Fryth, sometime scholar ...

The Medieval Scots Scholar In France

Author: John Arnold Fleming
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John Arnold Fleming. more subtle than reason. Knowledge is not sufficient
without certain qualities of mind and spirit, self-discipline, steadiness and
balance, or poise of attitude not devoid of imagination. The pilgrim-scholar
acquired these qualities, and because of them he could picture the future with
sangfroid, for he meant to be more creative than manipulative. We have a tragic
instance of baneful clericalism in the death of Patrick Hamilton, the pro-martyr of
the Scottish Reformation ...

Cobbett S Parliamentary History Of England

Author: Great Britain. Parliament
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that succeeded them, nor that famous Spiridion, who kept a flock as a mean
shepherd, though a bishop : and eminent St. Hierom, though no bishop, yet the
learnedest and most famous scholar in his age, or any after, and of great repute,
writes of ... Oldcastle; and, after them, Pierce Plowman, Geoffrey Chaucer, Mr.
Tindall, Dr. Barnes, John Frith, sir John Borthwick, a martyr, and author of “A
Supplication to Henry 8,' the author of 'The Image of a very Christian Bishop, and
a counterfeit ...