Author: Kenneth Katzman
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9781437927528
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Border; Increased Direct U.S. Action; Iran; India; Russia, Central Asian States, and China; (5) U.S. and International Aid to Afghanistan and Development Issues; (6) Residual Issues from Past Conflicts.

Metrics To Monitor Governance And Reconstruction In Afghanistan Development Of Measures Of Effectiveness For Civil Military Operations And A Standardized Tool To Monitor Governance Quality

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This report represents work performed primarily by the staff of the Coalition Joint Civil-Military Operations Task Force (CJCMOTF) in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan during the period July 2003 through January 2004.

Reconciliation In Afghanistan

Author: Michael Semple
Publisher: US Institute of Peace Press
ISBN: 1601270429
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In this timely and thorough volume, Michael Semple analyzes the rationale and effectiveness post-2001 attempts at reconciliation in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Pakistan And Strategic Change

Author: Joachim Krause
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113451347X
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[T]he capacity of the Afghan Government has been limited by a number of issues,
including the political dispute in the Lower House of the Afghan Parliament, the
continued absence of an International Monetary Fund program, widespread
corruption, and the lack of political progress in enacting key reforms announced
at the July 2010 Kabul Conference. Setbacks in governance and development
continue to slow the reinforcement of security gains and threaten the legitimacy
and ...

Aspiration And Ambivalence

Author: Vanda Felbab-Brown
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815724411
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The failure to prevent governance in Afghanistan from deteriorating to levels of
abuse and impunity intensely grating to the Afghan people has been more than a
matter of incompetence by the Afghan government, unresolved strategic
dilemmas within the U.S. government, and difficult policy tradeoffs. True, to a
critical degree, Afghan elites ruling the country since 2002 are responsible for the
dismal record. However, the poor state of governance in Afghanistan is also a
result of ...

Report On Progress Toward Security And Stability In Afghanistan And United States Plan For Sustaining The Afghanistan National Security Forces

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Sub-national governance projects were largely stalled during the fourth quarter of
2009 due to increased insecurity and an extended and controversial presidential
election process. Figure 15 provides an assessment of district-level governance
in Afghanistan as of March. While improving the security situation is a vital first
step, progress made improving the security environment cannot be sustained in
the long term without parallel improvements in governance and development.

Afghanistan Iraq And Post Conflict Governance

Author: A. Imtiaz Hussain
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004180338
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A. Imtiaz Hussain. difference: Whereas conflict became, more or less, the starting
point of U.S. Afghani engagement and whose outcome determined all other
developments, in Iraq it followed six months of detailed planning, leaving
increasingly unpredictable consequences. In both conflicts, the United States led
a coalition, but the coalition was more diverse in Afghanistan than in Iraq; in fact,
in Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance, a local combination, remained at the
forefront of conflict, ...


Author: Geoffrey Hayes
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554586984
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Therefore effective governance is underpinned by the legitimacy of the state, its
long-term stability, and its capacity to deliver. Both state building and governance
in Afghanistan are troubled by diverging concepts that influence the policies of
domestic, regional, and global actors on the Afghan scene. They are further
hindered by a continued cycle of political and economic violence. In such an
environment, competing demands for responding to these challenges are often
hard to ...

Iraq And Afghanistan Security Economic And Governance Challenges To Rebuilding Efforts Should Be Addressed In U S Strategies

Author: Jacquelyn Williams-Bridgers
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437915140
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To help achieve these objectives, the Afghan government has committed to a
broad range of social, economic, and government reforms, with the United States
contributing nearly $2 billion since 2002 for democracy, governance, and rule of
law assistance. g the ent, A lack of Afghan capacity in almost all aspects of
governance rema major constraint to fulfilling reform commitments ins a and
achieving the objectives of the Afghan National Development Strategy.
Afghanistan's f history of ...

Derailing Democracy In Afghanistan

Author: Noah Coburn
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231535740
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As the international community transitions out of Afghanistan, many Afghans and
international actors have dismissed elections as failed experiments in democracy
. However, a combined decade in the country looking at issues of local politics
and governance, and discussing these with Afghans across the country, has left
us with a more disturbing question: Have elections actually contributed to the
failure to establish a legitimate, representative government in Afghanistan? What
if ...