Forgotten Aviator

Author: Barry S. Martin
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1608449297
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No wonder after a perilous flight war correspondent Martha Gellhorn described Royal as her "hero." Author's Biography The author has spent twenty years uncovering a rich trove of private documentary sources about the Forgotten Aviator.

Forgotten Aviator

Author: Dan Heaton
Publisher: Branden Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780828324526
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It would be Jones, who would sign his name on the dotted line and cause the Jeep to come into being. He was Byron Q. Jones. This is his story.

Forgotten Aviator Hubert Latham

Author: Barbara Walsh
Publisher: Tempus
ISBN: 9780752443188
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Touching on wider themes, including the importance of the popular Press and its impact on public opinion, the political manoeuvrings and military build-up in the period 1910-14, and the emergence of many aviatrix, friends of Latham, who ...


Author: Jim Brown
Publisher: Seattle ; Vancouver : Peanut Butter Pub.
ISBN: 9780897166515
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Forgotten Hero

ISBN: 1257769545
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Naval aviator Michael Scott Speicher had been shot down on January 17th, 1991
, during the first hours of Operation Desert Storm. To most Americans both at
home, and who fought it abroad, Operation Desert Storm is considered a footnote
in American history due to its short duration. However, for his family, the horror of
this war would last eighteen years. The United States failed to rescue him, and
failed to even launch a search and rescue when it knew he had went down.
Former ...

The Forgotten Soldier

Author: Guy Sajer
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1574882856
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The food is good. I learn some military songs, which I warble with an atrocious
French accent. The other soldiers laugh. They are destined to be my first
comrades in this place. Basic training in the infantry, where they send me next, is
less amusing than the life of an aviator. The combat course is the most severe
physical challenge I have ever experienced. I am exhausted, and several times
fall asleep over my food. But I feel marvelous, filled with a sense of joy which I
can't understand ...

Forgotten First Flights

Author: Paul Wittreich
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462835112
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The aviator's mother, Mrs. Calbraith Perry Rodgers; his sister, Mrs. Albert Pease
of Hempstead, L. I.; her two children, Pattie and Perry, and Miss Jane Hone Lewis
, a relative, witnessed the start of the flight from an automobile. Mrs. Pease
followed her brother's flight with field glasses until he became lost to view. His
wife remained at the Hotel Martinique. Rodgers planned to follow the tracks of the
Erie Railroad to Chicago. Along part of the route for a distance of twenty-five
miles beyond ...

The Man Who Saved Smithy

Author: Rick Searle
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1925267806
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The Man Who Saved Smithy is the enthralling account of his remarkable life and achievements.

The Man Called Brown Condor

Author: Thomas E. Simmons
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1620879476
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Featuring thirty-five black-and-white photographs and based on twenty-three years’ worth of original research when very little information on this remarkable American hero was available, The Man Called Brown Condor is more than just a ...

Zelda Fitzgerald

Author: Sally Cline
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 161145963X
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66 This seems the most accurate analysis. The forgotten tale of the fallen
Montgomery aviator who had died for love of Zelda was revived once more with a
Riviera setting. It provided both Fitzgeralds with fictional material, heightening
their anecdotal performances. Hemingway recalls Scott telling several versions.
The first version Hemingway recalled was a genuinely moving story of Zelda
falling in love with a French aviator. The later versions, according to Hemingway,
were less sad ...