Evidence Of Flossing

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The poems in EVIDENCE OF FLOSSING investigate the human condition and its folly, the beauty of our natural world, and the possibility of divine connection. 80 original and vintage photographs include a series of discarded dental flossers ...

Advances In Evidence Based Policing

Author: Johannes Knutsson
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The guidelines must be based on scientific evidence, under the law,' stated the
article (Donn, 2016). It goes on to say: The AP looked at the most rigorous
research conducted over the past decade, focusing on 25 studies that generally
compared the use of a toothbrush with the combination of toothbrushes and floss.
The findings? The evidence for flossing is 'weak, very unreliable,' of 'very low'
quality, and carries 'a moderate to large potential for bias. 'The majority of
available studies ...

Clinical Periodontology And Implant Dentistry 2 Volume Set

Author: Niklaus P. Lang
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The meta‐analysis of plaque and gingival index scores also showed no
significant differences between groups. Advocacy for flossing as an interdental
cleaning method hinges, in large part, on common sense. However, common
sense arguments are the lowest level of scientific evidence. A more recent
Cochrane review included a variety of floss‐related products and, based on the
combined evidence, concluded that there was some evidence that flossing, in
addition to toothbrushing ...

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook An Evidence Based Guide To Planning Care 10

Author: Betty J. Ackley
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Encourage the client to floss the teeth at least once per day if free of a bleeding
disorder, or if the client is unable, floss the teeth for the client. EB: A Cochrane
review found that there is some evidence that flossing in addition to
toothbrushing reduces gingivitis compared to toothbrushing alone. Also, there is
some evidence that flossing plus toothbrushing may be associated with a small
reduction in plaque at 1 and 3 months (Sambunjak et al, 2011). Utilize a rotation-
oscillation power ...

Dental Hygiene

Author: Margaret Walsh
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Then follow steps 8 and 9 of the spool method of flossing (Figure 24-13). 9.
Remove floss by letting go with the hand that is on the lingual side and pulling
floss toward the buccal side. 10. Dispose of floss and threader in waste
receptacle. immune response to the toxins produced by interdental plaque
biofilm. Evidence from a comprehensive systematic review indicated that flossing
in addition to toothbrushing reduces gingivitis in comparison with toothbrushing
alone; however, ...

Casenote Legal Briefs For Trademark And Unfair Comp Law Keyed To Ginsburg Litman And Kevlin

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This message is false. Pfizer (D) argues, to the contrary, that the message is true:
Listerine provides all the benefits of flossing. It bases this argument on the
Sharma and Bauroth studies and on its contention that no clinical proof shows
that flossing provides any benefit other than fighting plaque and gingivitis. It also
claims that there is no proof that reducing plaque will reduce cavities or
periodontitis. From this Pfizer (D) reasons that because Listerine does everything
that floss can do, ...

Evidence Based Practice For Health Professionals

Author: Bernadette Howlett
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Contemplation Are you interested in flossing your teeth once a day? Decision to
Have you decided to floss your Act teeth once a day in the near future? Action
Are you flossing several times a week? Maintenance Are you consistently
flossing on a daily basis? learn about the motivation for behavioral changes by
asking the patient why he or she did not place the mark farther to the left side:
Likewise, barriers to behavioral change are elicited when the clinician queries
the reasons why ...

Low Back Disorders

Author: Stuart McGill
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Evidence-based Prevention and Rehabilitation Stuart McGill. adhered so that it
can't slide, the sciatic symptoms will be exacerbated. However, if the patient
reports no change or even relief the next day, then proceed to increase the
flossing. Monitor all patients and remove the procedure from the programs of any
patients whose symptoms worsen. FLOSSING The patient, seated and with the
legs able to swing freely, flexes the cervical spine (a). This creates a pull on the
spinal cord ...

The Canadian Guide To Clinical Preventive Health Care

Author: Canadian Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination
Publisher: Canadian Government Pub Centre
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Aa Summary T a b l e Chapt E R 3 7 Prevention of Periodontal Disease
Maneuver Effectiveness Level of Evidence <ref> Recommendation
Toothbrushing and Toothbrushing is Randomized controlled Fair evidence to
flossing effective in preventing trial<10>(I); recommend gingivitis. Patients
descriptive study<1> toothbrushing for who are not motivated (III) prevention of or
dextrous may not gingivitis (B) comply. Flossing is ineffective Randomized
controlled Flossing is in preventing ...

Rule Governed Behavior

Author: Steven C. Hayes
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I suggest that this contingency is not direct acting because the improved health is
too delayed and a single flossing produces too small an effect on dental health,
though the healthy outcome accumulated from a lifetime of flossing is
considerable. We will now consider, individually the effects of delayed,
improbable, and small but cumulating outcomes. 3. DELAYED OUTCOMES In
this section, we will consider evidence for and against the argument that
outcomes of our actions must be ...