Emmy Oliver

Author: Robin Benway
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471144143
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“Worry about it later,” Oliver told me, hustling me up the stairs to his room. It
smelled different from the rest of the house, like Oliver. Maureen's scented
candles from Anthropologie hadn't made it this far, apparently. “Okay,” he said,
opening up his laptop. “Type. Do whatever.” I sat down at the keyboard, then
froze. “Emmy,” Oliver said, his voice softer this time as he knelt down next to me. “
The answer's not gonna change now. You might as well open it.” “Good point,” I
said, but I didn't ...

Heartbreaker Chartbreaker

Author: Robin Benway
Publisher: cbt Verlag
ISBN: 3641038553
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Sie lässt ihn fallen, er landet einen Hit Nur damit es klar ist: Niemals wollte Audrey berühmt werden!

Der Gebrandmarkte

Author: August Werg
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Marpel war, wie man vermuthet hatte, schon früh in den Garten hinausgegangen,
um zu arbeiten. Edward übernahm es, ihn zu holen. Als die Uebrigen ihn nun
nach einer halben Stunde mit dem Alten zurückkehren sahen, traten Corvey,
seine Gattin, Emmy, Oliver und Anna iu ein Nebengemach. Mit ausgebreiteten
Armen stürzte Marvel in das Zimmer. „Mein Weib, meine Tochter 4/ rief er, „der
Gott der Gnade sei gelobt, daß ich Euch wiedersehe! Verdient hab' ich dieses
Glück nicht.


Author: Courtney Sheinmel
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416971696
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“Okay, Emmy Lou,” he said. “Ciao.” It was one of his things—saying hello or good
-bye in another language. I thought it was incredibly dumb. Meg waved to me
from the car. Lisa and I took the elevator up to her apartment so I could drop off
my stuff. When we walked in the door, the baby crawled up to her and she
scooped him up. “Hey, Ollie-boy,” Lisa said. “Say hi to Emmy.” Oliver opened and
closed his hand into a little fist. “Good waving,” Lisa told him. He twisted in her
arms and ...

The History Of Tom Jones A Foundling

Author: Henry Fielding
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There's ' J emmy Oliver, of our regiment, he narrowly escaped ' being a pimp too,
and that would have been a thousand ' pities; for d—n me if he is not one of the
prettiest ' fellows in the whole world; but he went farther than ' I with the old cull,
for J emmy can neither write nor ' read.' _ 'You give your friend a very good
character,' said the lieutenant, ' and a very deserved one, I dare say. ' But prithee,
Northerton, leave off that foolish as well 'as wicked custom of swearing; for you
are ...

The Miscellaneous Works Of Henry Fielding Tom Jones

Author: Henry Fielding
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And there's Corderius, another d—d son of a whore, that hath got me many a
flogging.” “Then you have been at school, Mr. Northernton ?” said the lieutenant. “
Ay, d-n me, have I,” answered he; “the devil take my father for sending me thither.
The old put wanted to make a parson of me, but d—n me, thinks I to myself, I'll
nick you there, old cull; the devil a smack of your nonsense shall you ever get into
me. There's J emmy Oliver, of our regiment, he narrowly escaped being a pimp
too, ...

Official Journal Of The Proceedings Of The Senate Of The State Of Louisiana

Author: Louisiana. Legislature. Senate
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Buflington, Beranlt, Chew Ducros, DsRussy, Defreese, Evans, Gardere, H "hymns
, Haralson, Kidd, Lavcrgne, Macmurdo Emmy, Oliver, Pearce, Phillips, Pellerin,
Ryan, itinhardson, Simmes, St. Paul, Taylor, Withers and Walker-26 yeas. N0 nay
. Oonse uently said nomination was unanimously confirmdh. On motion of Mr.
Pearce, the Executive Session adjourned and the doors were ordered to be
opened. Tnunsnsr, February 21, 1856. Hon. 0. H. Mouton, Lieutenant Governor
and ...