Eggshells Unbroken

Author: Jan Hofer Wenaas
Publisher: Inspiring Voices
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Her life changed overnight when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. But this is only the beginning of her challenges. Finding out she is pregnant is almost more than she can deal with.


Author: Unbroken
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1617775924
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Your parents threaten you with your life and repayment of the cost of the retainer
—you dig and dig through curded milk, egg shells, sticky jelly, nasty empty
containers, liquids you can't even identify. Then you see them, maggots! You
shrink back, but the fear ofthe parental consequences is stronger than your gag
reflex, so you dig more frantically with renewed strength and iron determination.
You pull out the last bag and begin again sifting hopelessly, frantically through
Unbroken | 39 ...


Author: Eleanor Coombe
ISBN: 9780760731734
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... he had to leave it behind unless one of his family ran after him and gave it to
him from the front. Likewise, children of seamen made sure to crush their
eggshells after eating a boiled egg, for there was a rhyme that said: "Oh never
leave your eggshells unbroken in a cup; Think of the poor sailor men and always
smash them up, For witches come and find them and sail away to sea And make
a lot of misery for sailormen like me." Cauls, or the birth membrane covering a
child's head, ...


Author: Aubrey Burl
Publisher: Constable Limited
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And it moved gently, leaving a coil of rope hanging on a wall, creeping around
kitchen utensils, leaving eggshells unbroken. It slurped up the sides of houses,
over walls and into Piso's villa outside the town. Slowly the mass cooled, setting
like a fist of iron, covering the ruins. Weeds grew, rotted, earth and mould
developed and Pompeii and Herculaneum became the world's most famous
buried cities.33 After some Roman looting they remained undisturbed, gradually
forgotten, for over ...

Nether Lochaber

Author: Rev. Alexander Stewart
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WHAT TO DO WITH EGG-SHELLS. 275 the table, the housekeeper, a staid and
respectable-looking woman, well advanced in years, walked over and took the
egg-shells — there were four or five of them — and, placing them one after
another into an egg-cup, she took a small knife, and passed it with a smart tap
through the bottoms or hitherto unbroken ends of the lot, and then turned away to
some other employment. This was all, for our host immediately suggested that we
should ...

The Unbroken Chain

Author: Joseph S. M. Lau
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"Even egg shells," he said, "are not of one kind." She held his hand close to her,
but not for her life would she allow his hand to touch intentionally, mischievously,
her ample breasts. Again, she leaned her head to one side on the glass of the
window, gazing at the dark night outside. "It's that kind of white. White and
absolutely clean sand, immense and without bounds wherever you look," she
said. "Got to have some cactus or something," he teased. She shook her head. "
Or a few skulls ...

Bonner Zoologische Beitr Ge

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5, 6). Actually there is no need to separate these specimens from the genus
Struthio. The pore pattern is not the same in all specimens correctly or incorrectly
labeled "Struthiolithus" . However, the pattern of the typical shells compares well
with that of the S. c. camelus eggshell. Circular pore openings reach the smooth
surface of the shell and form an irregular pattern of distribution. Many of the "
Struthiolithus" eggs from Pleistocene times were recovered unbroken. Their
shape is ...

Technical And Scientific Publications On Experimental Avian Embryology

Author: Alexis Lawrence Romanoff
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bUity of ^ « » not r^ ^^SJFlSgg*** ^ orth in fresh, unbroken eggs. Per^llty Another
factor influencing permeability is tne Cy j. The values between any two egg
cycles are mUeh ^/Vujg of the eggs. The values oet , Consequently each ey , «J«
er tflan ft bTrbVan brie phys o ogica! rest. The efTeet of J*?^ is pre s^s^asas- the
present data ^tjpa it has pores uniformly distributed. mat In the study of eggshell
permeability it is necessary to deal with th* entire shell structure, including not
only the ...

Outlines Of Human Physiology

Author: Herbert Mayo
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In the cranium especially, physiologists delight to notice the strength, like that of
the unbroken eggshell, derived from its arched form ; the partial thickening of its
most exposed and prominent parts; its texture strengthened by being wrought in
three layers of varying density ; its sutures, which concur with the last named
provision in diminishing its brittleness, and their well-known squamous
configuration at the side of the head, enabling the sphenoid and temporal bones
to resist the ...

Einstein S Dreams

Author: Alan Lightman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 178033558X
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A tiny light, far through a thicket of trees. The red at sunset. An eggshell, white,
fragile, unbroken. A blue hat washed up on shore. Roses cut and adrift on the
river beneath the bridge, with a château rising. Red hair of a lover, wild,
mischievous, promising. The purple petals of an iris, held by a young woman. A
room of four walls, two windows, two beds, a table, a lamp, two people with red
faces, tears. The first kiss. Planets caught in space, oceans, silence. Abead of
water on the window.