New Frontiers Of Corpus Research

Author: Pam Peters
Publisher: Rodopi
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The title of the 1998 1C AME volume, Corpora Galore, thus serves not merely to
indicate its wide-ranging contents, but also as a salutary reminder of the need for
many different types of corpora and corpus investigations. One of the more
important potential sources of major 'accidental'1 corpora consists of the annual
CDs released by various newspapers. In particular, 'quality' newspapers have
always formed a major component of large corpora, but only recently has
research begun ...


Author: A. Abeillé
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401002010
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PrenticeHall. Katz, J.J. (1971). The Underlying Reality of Language and Its
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Corpora Galore.

Grammar Without Grammaticality

Author: Geoffrey Sampson
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110290014
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Chapter 3 is based on a paper in the Proceedings of the Workshop on
Linguistically Interpreted Corpora, LINC–2000, Luxemburg, 6 Aug 2000 (ed. by
Anne Abeillé et al.), pp. 28–34. Chapter 4 is ... Corpora Galore, 2000, pp. 295–
311, reprinted by permission of Rodopi of Amsterdam. Chapter 7 is based on a
chapter in Empirical Linguistics, © Geoffrey Sampson 2001, reprinted by
permission of Continuum Publishing, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing plc.
Chapter 8 is based on a ...

Anglistische Korpuslinguistik

Author: Joybrato Mukherjee
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Bernardinl, S. (2000): "Systematising serendipity: proposals for concordancing
large corpora with language learners", Rethinking Language Pedagogy from a
Corpus Perspective: Papers from the Third International Conference on Teaching
and Language Corpora, hrsg. L. Burnard & T. McEnery. Frankfurt ... Harlow:
Pearson Education. Blackweli, S. (2000): "Looking up 'look': discourse markers in
the Bank of English", Corpora Galore: Analyses and Techniques in Describing
English ...

Syntactic Variation In English Quantified Noun Phrases With All Whole Both And Half

Author: Maria Estling Vannestål
ISBN: 9789176364062
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Syntactic and contextual factors influencing the comparison of disyllabic
adjectives. In Kirk, John (ed.). Corpora galore. Analyses and techniques in
describing English. Amsterdam: Rodopi. (125-132) Lindquist, Hans & Magnus
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2003. Fourth edition.

Poetic Castles In Spain

Author: Diego Saglia
Publisher: Rodopi
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1ntroduction While the earliest English corpora such as the LOB and the BROWN
represented the standard varieties of the language, some of the more recent
collections have begun to include varieties which diverge to a greater or lesser
extent from the standard norms. These 'special corpora', as Sinclair (1995: 24)
calls them, constitute a challenge for corpus linguists since the methods and tools
commonly used in the field were designed for or trained on the standard varieties
and it ...

Palc 99 Practical Applications In Language Corpora

Author: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
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... have revealed much about language - and the use of corpora in studying
language - which was hitherto unexpected. References Reverberations of an
Echo MIKE SCOTT 1. Introduction If a. Hughes, G. (1991). [2nd edition 1998].
Swearing; a Social History of Foul Language. Oaths and Profanity in English (
second edition). London: Penguin. McEnery, A., Baker, P. and A. Hardie (1999). "
Assessing claims about language use with copus data: Swearing and abuse".
Corpora Galore.

A Glossary Of Corpus Linguistics

Author: Paul Baker
Publisher: Edinburgh Univ Pr
ISBN: 9780748620180
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Hoffman, S. and Lehmann, H. M. (2000) 'Collocational evidence from the British
national corpus', in J. Kirk (ed.), Corpora galore: analyses and techniques in
describing English, Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 17-32. Holmes, J., Vine, B. and
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English, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington. Homan, R. (1991) The
ethics of social research, London: Longman. Hunston, S. (2002) Corpora in
applied linguistics, ...

Corpus Linguistics

Author: Anke Lüdeling
Publisher: Mouton De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110180435
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Summarizing the implications of the present discussion, we may note that there
seems to be a great potential for Web linguistics in the future, especially within
three main areas: (i) as a resource for learning about authentic language
structure and use, (ii) as a provider of raw material for both DIY disposable
corpora and more "stable" collections, and (iii) as a test bed for the training of
various software applications. However, many issues of viability and exploitation
of the Web as a ...