Reduplikationen Im T Rkischen

Author: Hans-Georg Müller
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... durup 'unbedingt, mit aller Gewalt' < durmak 'stehenbleiben, anhalten' olursa
olsun 'nun gut' < olmak 'sein' 6. Kombinationen ähnlicher oder ähnlich klingender
Wörter sind Legion, sie haben als Gesamtausdrücke eine besondere, eine
eigenständige Bedeutung: coluk cocuk 'die Leute' < coluk (ohne eigene
Bedeutung) und cocuk 'Kind' soluk soluga 'atemlos, ganz außer Atem, keuchend;
plötzlich' < soluk 'Atem' anababa 'Eltern' < ana 'Mutter' und baba 'Vater'236 hayal
meyal 75.

Ural Altaic Yearbook

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... Amasya, Azeri köyleri) 'bebek, cocuk' (DS 1034) col cocu(} (Kars) 'coluk cocuk'
(DS 1271) colih cociff (Urfa) 'coluk cocuk; mecazen: akli işe ermez kimseler' (UA
103) coluk comak (Bolu) 'coluk cocuk' (DS 1271) qor cocuk (Bordur, Denizli, İqel)
'coluk cocuk' (DS 1271) coşga (Kars) 'domuz yavrusu' (DS 1274) coşka (Adana,
İqel) 'domuz yavrusu' (DS 1274) qöciik 1) (Mazedonien) 'enfant' (Ohrid 274) 2) (
Rhodope-Geb.) 'fils' (TTR 187,218) qöqe (İstanbul) 'kümes hayvanlarinin yavrusu

Contemporary Perspectives And Research On Early Childhood Education

Author: Mustafa Yasar
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 615(1), 119
–132. Onder A., & Dagal, A. B. (2007). Turkish parents' views on quality
standards for children's television programmes. The Turkish Online Journal of
Educational Technology, 6(1), 1303-6521. Ozdiker, C. (2002). Cocuk ve
televizyon [Child and television]. Coluk Cocuk, 16, 20-21. Unutkan, O. P. (2006).
Okul oncesinde ilkogretime hazÕrlÕk. Istanbul: Morpa. —. (2007). Okul oncesi
donem cocuklarinin ...


Author: Jaklin Kornfilt
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... agakkabr -lar s cc -pl. "shoes" In a genuine compound with the compound
marker, however, the plural suffix precedes that marker: (1702) okul kitap ~1ar -r
school book —pl. -CmpM "school. (1696) coluk '?' cocuk 'child' qoluk qocuk '
household, family, wife and children' 3. 1. PHONOLOGICAL UNITS (
SEGMENTAL) 3. 1. 1. The distinctive. 474 Morphology.

The Turkic Languages

Author: Fuchs Christian
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This type often includes alliteration and rhyme formations, e.g. Kazakh kiyim-
kešek clothing', Turkish karukoca (“wife, husband') 'married couple', dedikodu ('
said, laid”) gossip'. Sometimes only one of the elements has a lexical meaning,
e.g. Karakhanid Turkic yáš yös 'vegetables, greens', Turkish coluk cocuk family,
wife and children'. Turkic languages often display echolaly constructions
expressing etcetera', 'and the like': a given word is followed by a reduplicating
echo word' with ...

Between Islam And The State

Author: Berna Turam
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As a nationalist, he expresses deep sorrow and nostalgia due to his
homesickness.80 As his guests told me during my visit, he said once sadly that
as all his e§ dost (friends) were in Turkey, he was living far from them in company
of coluk-cocuk (young people) of the age of his grandchildren. Although he is
legally permitted, he has not returned to the country at the time this book goes to
press. When I asked him why he has stayed in the United States, he answered
that he did not wish ...

Contagious Couplings

Author: Mark R. V. Southern
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The alaca bulaca type's linguistic status as an inherited Turkic formation, just as
surely as Eng. to and fro with its no longer functioning end rhyme, is confirmed by
the preservation of archaic lexical items in the following Turkish examples, with
onset rhyme or coda echo-effects or both: (onset) boy bos 'size and shape,'
referring to people; (onset and coda) qarpik curpuk 'crooked and twisted;' (onset
and coda) coluk cocuk 'wife and family, household,' lit. 'wife and children' (
Underhill ...

Uralic And Altaic Series

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corba cocuk child cok much, great, very, too much 9ok ol- to be too much coktan
for a long time coluk (only in coluk cocuk) women and children coraP 9orba bk-
cbkus coz- cubuk giinku sock soup corba i£- to have soup to kneel down (
generally used for animals) , to become hollow (cheeks) collapse to untie, to
unfasten, to unbutton long tobacco pipe because da, de also, too, and dag
mountain dagil- to fall to pieces, to collapse Dagistan Dagestan daha still, even,
more daha iyi better ...

New Perspectives On Turkey

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Insanlan coluk cocuk yanyana dizmişler, makina- h tiifekle tam oldiireceklermis.
ki bir emir geliyor, oldurmekten vaz- gec^liyor, goç ettiriliyor. O şekilde
kurtulmuşlar. Olen kim, kalan kim dagilmiş, herkes colugunu cocugunu kapip da
hayatini kurtar- ma cabasina girmiş. Tunceli kapanmiş."11 10 Other informants
from Tunceli have made an even older link, reminding us of the last words of
Seyit Riza, the legendary leader who was hanged in 1937. In his last words, Seyit
Riza made ...