Science Fiction And Fantasy Reference Index 1992 1995

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Ensign Ro Laren," Cinefantastique 23(2/3): Inside the Writing Staff,"
Cinefantastique ALTMAN, MARK A. ALTMAN, MARK A. (continued) _ "The Next
Generation: Star Trek's Unification," Cinefantastique 23(2/3): 47-50. October
1992. The Next Generation: Data Entry," Cinefantastique 23(2/3): 64-66. October
1 992. "The Next Generation: 96-98. October 1 992. "The Next Generation: 23(2/3
): 42. October 1992. _ "The Next Generation: Next Generation's Piller of Strength,"
Cinefantastique ...

The Cinema Of John Carpenter

Author: Ian Conrich
Publisher: Wallflower Press
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Newman, K. (1999) Sight and Sound, 9, 12, 60 [R]. Patterson,J. (1998) 'out there
in production', Neon, 14, 18-9. Quinn, A. (1999) Independent, 29 October, 11 [R].
(1999) Independent on Sunday, 31 October, 3 [R]. Taubin, A. (1998) Village
Voice, 3 November, 135 [R]. Thonen, J. (1998c) 'John Carpenter's Vampires',
Cinefantastique, 30, 1, 7. (1998d) 'John Carpenter's Vampires', Cinefantastique,
30, 4, 8-9. (1998e) 'John Carpenter's Vampires', Cinefantastique, 30, 7/8, 54-6,
59, 60-3.

The Cinema Of George A Romero

Author: Tony Williams
Publisher: Wallflower Press
ISBN: 9781903364734
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Scaperotti, Dan and Paul Gagne (1985) 'Day of the Dead', Cinefantastique, 15, 5,
48-9. (1985) Tales from the Darkside', Cinefantastique, 15, 1, 15, 52. Schor,
Naomi (1978) Zola's Crowds. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.
Scott, Tony (1973) 'Romero: An Interview with the Director of Night of the Living
Dead , Cinefantastique, 2,3,8-15. Singer, Robert (1997) 'Only the Dead: Urban
Mileau in the Contemporary Naturalist Film', Excavatio, 9, 194-203. Seligson,
Tom (1981) ...

Screening Stephen King

Author: Simon Brown
Publisher: University of Texas Press
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New York Daily News, 29 April. /
ratings-arent-even-stephen-also-ran-shining-article-1.766449. Winter, D. 1989.
The Art of Darkness: The Life and Fiction of the Master of the Macabre, Stephen
King. London: New English Library. Winter, S. 1980. “Stephen King and George
Romero: Collaborators in Terror.” Fangoria 6, June, pp. 26–27. Wood, G. 1990a. “
Stephen King's Graveyard Shift.” Cinefantastique 21:3, December, p. 8. ———.
1990b ...

Investigating Couples

Author: Tom Soter
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9: THE. TRUTH. IS. OUT. THERE. 13. Quoted in Andy Meisler, I Want to Believe:
The. 1. Quoted in Paula Vitaris, “X-Files: Pushing Horror's Envelope,”
Cinefantastique, October ¡995, p. 37. 2. Quoted in Vitaris, Cinefantastique, p. 2¡
Quoted in Vitaris, Cinefantastique, p. 20. Quoted in Vitaris, Cinefantastique, p. 2¡.
Quoted in Vitaris, Cinefantastique, ...

Retrofitting Blade Runner

Author: Judith Kerman
Publisher: Popular Press
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4Paul M. Sammon, Cinefantastique, July-August 1982, p. 24. This is a particularly
comprehensive and well illustrated article covering all aspects of the film.
5Sammon, Cinefantastique, July-August 1982, p. 24. 6Scott said, "I didn't want
Blade Runner to be premonitory of android at all, because then people would
think the film is about robots, when in fact it isn't. It was better that we come up
with a new word altogether. Replicant was the choice. In a very real sense this
was a stylistic ...

Escape Velocity

Author: Bradley Schauer
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
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American Science Fiction Film, 1950–1982 Bradley Schauer. 152. Tim Lucas, “
Citizen Clarke: A Memoir of Frederick S. Clarke, Cinefantastique's Founding
Father,” Little Shop of Horrors 31 (October 2013): 12. 153. Pat H. Broeske, “The
Little Magazine That Could,” Los Angeles Times, March 16, 1986, P23. 154.
Frederick S. Clarke, “How's Your Sense of Wonder?,” Cinefantastique 1, no. 1 (
Fall 1970): 3. 155. Paul M. Sammon, “Inside The Black Hole,” Cinefantastique 9,
nos. 3/4 (Spring ...

The Dinosaur Filmography

Author: Mark F. Berry
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476606749
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Cinefantastique vol. 26 no. 4, June ¡995. _____. “The Primevals.”
Cinefantastique vol. 26 no. 4, June ¡995. Fisher, Bob. “When Dinosaurs Rule the
Box Office.” American Cinematographer June ¡993. Fordham, Joe. “T-Rex: Back
to the Cretaceous— The Five-Terabyte Solution.” Cinefex no. 77 April ¡999. Fox,
Jordan. “Roy Arbogast.” Cinefex no. 5 July ¡98¡. Freer, Ian. “Rumble in the Jungle
.” Empire issue ¡46 August 200¡. French, Lawrence. “Dennis Muren.”
Cinefantastique vol. 24 no.

Hearths Of Darkness

Author: Tony Williams
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1626743517
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For an overview of this series, see Dan Gire and Paul Mandell, “Friday the 13th:
Horror's First Franchise,” Cinefantastique 20, no. 1 (1989): 91–94; Paul Mandell, “
Jason Lives: The Birth of a Legend,” Cinefantastique 20, no. 1 (1989): 92, 125.
Chapter 10. Poltergeist and Freddy's Nightmares 1. On Spielberg's influence in
contemporary Hollywood, see Michael Ryan and Douglas Kellner, Camera
Politica, 258–63. 2. Britton, 38. 3. For information concerning New Line's
development of ...