Always Leave It Better

Author: Michael N. Prazich
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Share in the stories, humor, insights and lessons learned along the path of a life well-lived . . . and discover something new about yourself along the way.

Connecticut Common School Journal

Author: Henry Barnard
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appointment, and was obliged to leave ; and so no business could be done,
because the requisite number did not come together all at once. Now, two of
these persons had taken a long journey on purpose to be at this meeting, to
transact important business, and all ... And the want of punctuality of one man will
always tend to produce the same evil in others. ... who is careless and negligent
of his lesson through school days, will probably be negligent in every thing
through future life.

The Train Of Consequences

Author: Roderick Knight
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434374432
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One Man's Journey Out of Mental Illness Roderick Knight. Chapter. Nine. 1 he
next day, February 10, while I was in the holding area, they told me I could go
back into the day program, if that's what I wanted. The understanding had been
growing that I only had one more chance to turn my life around, or I would be in
the system forever. ... my moment of choice. Which way would I let my life go? ...
Addicted means you can't stop, and I was always able to do what I had to in life. I
just liked ...

A Quiet Voice

Author: Eugene Hairston
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595909421
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One Man's Journey from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Addiction,
Prison and Homelessness to a Dignified ... way to get fast cash for drugs, and I
always went into it with the idea that if there was any problem, I'd just leave and
go down the block to the next little store. I knew it was wrong, and I always felt
guilty about what I was doing but that didn't stop me. ... that after this one time I'd
change my life, get a job and get off drugs, but as soon as my stomach started
cramping in ...

Life Lessons From The Heart

Author: Dr. H. S. Broderick-Scott
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491717653
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I am very happy to be able to play my role and, in doing so, to touch the lives of
so many young men and women. ... I am also mindful of the things I do and the
company I keep because I believe that spectators always see much better than
those ... I pray that these life lessons that I've shared with you will place you in a
position where you will take the time to stop, ... Today more than ever, believe
that you are destined to accomplish something extraordinary on your journey
through life.

Not Quite Nirvana

Author: Rachel Neumann
Publisher: Parallax Press
ISBN: 193700628X
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A Skeptic's Journey to Mindfulness Rachel Neumann ... the hula hoop game she
played at school or about when the man on the street was asking her for food,
that I realize these were im- portant moments and not just interruptions. When I'm
not being mindful, almost all of life can seem like a series of interruptions of what I
thought was important. Perhaps there will always be moments when I'm only
getting from here to there and I'm not that interested in what happens along the

Planets In Play

Author: Laurence Hillman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101216018
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How to Reimagine Your Life Through the Language of Astrology Laurence
Hillman ... The initial lesson is that the more we let go of the attachments that bind
us, the more the ego is stripped of its powers. George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff,
spiritual leader and teacher, says the following on the issue of letting go of
attachments: A man must die, that is, he must free himself from a thousand petty
attachments ... Of course this is a rosy view of the Hero's Journey; it does not
always end this way.

My Life In Leadership

Author: Frances Hesselbein
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470946237
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The Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way Frances Hesselbein ... little
band had grown so strong and so determined that they persuaded a farmer in the
village to let them build their Methodist chapel on hisland within the village walls.

Looking For Kathmandu

Author: David Stuart Ryan
Publisher: kozmik press
ISBN: 0905116054
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Once more at Varanasi station, Peter Anscombe surveyed the flooding pilgrims
from every corner of the subcontinent and felt an ... It was the ancient Indian
suspension of worry and its replacement by a trust in events because each had a
meaning, ... along the platform at the frequent stations to keep well away from the
ticket inspectors laboriously working their way ... one man in six hundred million
on the vast subcontinent, always ready to burst into conflagration of life in spite of
the ...

ISBN: 9786160421701
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