Afghanistan Pakistan And Strategic Change

Author: Joachim Krause
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134513542
Size: 31.89 MB
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The region encompassing Afghanistan and Pakistan (Af/Pak region) is undergoing a fundamental strategic change. This book analyses the nature of this strategic change, in ordre to seek possible future scenarios and to examine policy options.

Us Strategy For Pakistan And Afghanistan

Author: Richard Lee Armitage
Publisher: Council on Foreign Relations
ISBN: 0876094795
Size: 31.63 MB
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The Council on Foreign Relations sponsors Independent Task Forces to assess issues of current and critical importance to U.S. foreign policy and provide policymakers with concrete judgments and recommendations.

Strategic Narratives Public Opinion And War

Author: Beatrice De Graaf
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131767328X
Size: 18.84 MB
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Not too little, but too late: ISAF's strategic restart of 2010 in light of the coalition's
previous mistakes. In Joachim Krause and Charles King Mallory (eds.),
Afghanistan, Pakistan and strategic change: adjusting western regionalpolicy.
London: Routledge. Spiegel Online. (2003). Struck macht Druck. August 7.
Spiegel Online. (2010). Tabu-Bruch: Guttenberg spricht von Krieg in Afghanistan.
April 4. Spiegel Online. (2011). Bundeswehr: Köhler fordert mehr Aufklärung über
Auslandseinsätze ...

Pakistan Japan Relations

Author: Ahmad Rashid Malik
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134041977
Size: 52.43 MB
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Continuity and Change in Economic Relations and Security Interests Ahmad
Rashid Malik ... 1977–88. Introduction This chapter argues that with the Soviet
invasion of Afghanistan, a major change occurred: security issues began to
dominate over economic issues during the 1980s. Similar to the ... For Japan the
Soviet presence in Afghanistan represented a serious threat to vital energy
sources, and therefore Pakistan assumed a major importance in Japanese
strategic aid diplomacy.

Prioritizing Strategic Interests In South Asia

Author: Robert B. Oakley
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437937217
Size: 77.97 MB
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In December 1979, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the United States
abruptly reversed its position to gain Pakistan's assistance in driving the Soviets
out of Afghanistan. Once the Soviets withdrew, the relationship ... In light of the
major changes in the strategic landscape of South Asia, it is time for the United
States to deal with Pakistan based on long-term U.S. interest in its stability rather
than simply as an addendum to other agendas. Changing this relationship will
require the ...

Strategic Options For The Way Ahead In Afghanistan And Pakistan

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It's well known that Pakistan's the second largest Islamic country in the world,
armed with several dozen nuclear weapons. That said, the conflict in Afghanistan
is not simply a subset of a broader challenge in Pakistan. Solving Pakistan will
not in and of itself solve Afghanistan. Pakistan requires its own strategy and its
own solutions in a regional context as the United States looks at our
requirements. We must assist Pakistan in managing change inside of Pakistan,
led by the Pakistanis, ...

Pakistan Nuclear Programs And Projects Handbook Strategic Information And Regulations

Author: IBP USA
ISBN: 1438737289
Size: 53.80 MB
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The GOP's counternarcotics policies were unaffected by an October 1999 change
in government. Pakistan is a party to the 1988 UN Drug Convention. STATUS OF
COUNTRY According to USG figures, in 1999 Pakistan registered significant
progress towards achieving its goal of eliminating opium production by the year
2000. The opium poppy crop fell to a record-low of 1570 hectares. While
Pakistani opium production has plummeted, neighboring Afghanistan has
become the ...

U S Reconstruction Efforts In Afghanistan Would Benefit From A Finalized Comprehensive U S Anti Corruption Strategy

Author: John Brummet
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437980953
Size: 72.45 MB
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Some of these measures include avoiding close association with corrupt officials
and institutions and using leverage to change the behavior of those who seek
personal gain over service to the Afghan people. • In January 2010, the
Department of State's Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan6
issued a Regional Stabilization Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan that
included a key initiative to “reduce corruption by strengthening institutions that
can provide checks on ...

Foreign Policy Issues In The Middle East

Author: Richard I. Lawless
Size: 23.88 MB
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For Pakistan, the Afghan events provided a threat and an opportunity - and
lslamabad used the Soviet presence on its frontiers to obtain more arms from the
USA and to strengthen its military and economic ties with the Arab states of the
Gulf. New military agreements were signed between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,
and Gulf money precipitated substantial economic change in Pakistan itself:
hence it was not only at the global level of stronger US-Pakistan relations, but
also in the ...